"Kicked out of school four times!? you must have been such a bad kid!". I remember having a racist bully who my mum and I sent complaints about for a year. "There's nothing we can do.", they said. so I took the matter into my own hands, beating him up once he took the slurs and jabs too far. I immediately was excluded and sent to a PRU (Pupil Referal Unit). Once I lost my composure from the added heat of being in a predominantly white school and the constant reminder of my blackness, there was no understanding. A snowball started to pile up, and the gloss of being in a fair educational system decayed entirely. The last school that gave me the boot even dared to say I could teach myself at home, and they would keep my grades, totalling towards their low GCSE pass rate of 25%. I took their offer reluctantly, muttering, "Fine. I'll be the bad kid with A-grades you so duly needed."

Exiled Alumni

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