The concept I chose is the FACETS. I am inspired by the Cuts, Glitter, Shine and Shape of the Diamond Jewellery. Diamonds are extracted from coal which is mined from Earth's crust. Facets fascinated me from glass work,architecture (the Gherkin - the Eiffel Tower, Geometric shapes,antiques,Jewellery and precious stones). The collection I designed is for Autumn/Winter 2021 which is the Sustainable clothing that is using the cut pieces from the garment industrial waste.The fabrics I used to make Garments is Banana Crepe, Zara Crepe, Suede, Tweed, Satin,Wool, Denim, Taffeta, with laces and embellishments like carving buttons, concealed and metal zips ,hook and eye. The threads used are silver, gold and copper to show the seams and stitch lines. The market level i will be serving is the Corporates (working class)The customer age ranging from 25-40 years. The colour board is inspired by the colours of the facets seen in a Diamond that is white, pinkish, grey, peacock blue,black and brown.

Final Collection Class of 2021-London College of Fashion, UAL FACETS -Nandini Jain


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