The 8-piece jewellery collection is rooted in a classical Romanian fairy tale, ‘Povestea lui Harap Alb’ (‘The story of the White Moor’) by Ion Creangă. The story follows the journey of becoming that the main hero, initially a young and naive prince, goes through in order to be deemed worthy of taking over his uncle’s empire. He is faced with several challenges in his quest and manages to overcome all of them with the help of his supernatural sidekicks. In perfect symmetry to the Romanian fantasy hero, the contemporary heroine is also faced with challenges as she enters the real world of adulthood. But unlike the story, she has no magic helpers and has to face life on her own. Each of the jewellery pieces represents one of the challenges in the fairy tale mirroring a challenge of the postmodern world.

Postmodern rite of passage collection launch

Postmodern rite of passage collection teaser

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