First year collaboration project with make-up and 3D effects students. The script given was Cabaret by Joe Masterof, which we as a group we adapted to story about a dystopian future in the year 2050 in Chicago, with the United States in the brink of a civil war caused by the more global shortage of natural resources. I designed for the character of EMCE, the owner and host of an underground cabaret club. A man who has managed to escape the reality of the outside world and with his club tries to offer the same to other people.

Guitar strap braces

I decided to use guitar straps for braces. I think it added a slight hint of the characters backround in performance and music as well as his creativity. At the same time, the fact that they are branded acts as a subtle modern cultural reference that ties the present to this fantasy future.

Cultural references

We took a lot of inspiration from the New Romantics and the Northen soul movement, as they were both underground communities providing a form of a escapism for the people in them. The character I designed , EMCEE, was heavily based on Steve Strange, host of many new romantic clubs.

The duct tape trousers, making and references

The pattern for the trousers is based on swing trousers from the 1930’s, as they we’re quite popular among the movements i’m looking into. The material is black gorilla tape backed onto clean film, in a way that creates a pinned stripped look.

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