My current project I am working on is based on Patrick Suskind's Perfume: Story of a Murderer. For my interpretation I am setting the story in the Gothic Revival period of 18th/19th century Paris. I am using the characteristics of Gothic literature to create my character I am realising into a typical supernatural being. As the main character in the story has not got a scent himself but harvests the scents of others I decided to make my character monochromatic with the colours to show his lack of smell, I have gone for sepia based hues as it still shows a hint of life to the person but is a blank slate in comparison to the people around him.

Character realisation

Practice colouring prosthetics

Finished wig with handmade wefts and hand knotted front

Full body character design

The main character Grenouille character design, which I will be realising.

Initial drawing of Grenouille

This drawing was my first thumbnail sketch to figure out the placement of prosthetics and male contouring

Process of silicone flat moulds

Experimenting with texture and size of Anthrax scars to go on performers cheek.

Silicone flat-bed moulds cleaned ready for silicone prosthetics.

Life cast

First time life casting more than just the face.

Beginning stages of brow piece

This brow piece is to add masculine contouring and slight emaciation but also give the look of furrowed brows. Texture is started and edges not fully cleaned up.

Recast in mould

My recast of the face from the top lip to the top of the forehead. My floated off brow piece will go on this to make a plaster two part mould.

Recast cleaned up and out of mould.

I filled in the nose and eyes with clay inside the mould to clean up the recast but needed to keep some of the structure as my piece sits on multiple areas around these features.

Recast with keyholes

Recast with sculpt and walls on ready for two-part mould

close-up of recast with sculpt, flashing/grounding, clay slip and clay walls on ready for two-part mould.

Two-part plaster mould for foam latex.

First run of foam latex.

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