With the fashion industry accounting for up to 10% of global carbon emissions, it has become essential for brands within the industry to create a sustainable image. Despite brand such as Nike, Adidas and Louis Vuitton committing to the 'Sustainable by 2025' movement, the 21st century consumer is, for the most-part, oblivious to how their clothes are really made. Taking this into consideration, DCNTRL is the epitome of a true sustainable brand, embodying transparency through scannable technology. DCNTRL uses unique QR codes on the back of each garment, which guide the user through the complete process of production of each individual garment, from the sourcing of raw materials to the finished garment. Using Blockchain technology (The same technology that makes Crypto-currencies 'decentralised'), every stage is documented and unchangeable, making manipulation of information impossible. DCNTRL uses only sustainable, recycled and repurposed materials for each collection and releases their debut collection "Against the Tide" in 2022, an exploration of sea-based sustainable materials such as SeaCell.

DCNTRL "Against the Tide"

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