The dish brush is a necessary product for everyday, however, very little attention is put on this object. It is hidden and you never use energy to think about a dish brush. How can a dish brush be a gift and make your kitchen nice, a product that you want to display with pride instead of hiding. This is a product and a habit that will add value to a kitchen, an every day item that becomes precious and personal This is a kit including three products to create harmony, make the ritual visible and organized. The dish brush and dispenser are connected in design as a couple. A perfect family. The drop form is inspired from the sea and the materials are connected visually to water. The tray makes space for the product and the products will always have a perfect home. The hole in the bottom of the form is connected with a dot in the tray to keep them in perfect harmony and never in a mess. The tray works as a piedestal, a stage, for the every day heroes. It also prevents stains. I challenged myself to find an interesting and sustainable combination of materials, injection moulded oyster/resin, steel and horse hair.

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