Visually impaired/blind consumers navigate an unsighted world through their keen sense of touch and sound. Their hands are their eyes, and it is through their hands that they see, navigate and understand the world around them.  So if packaging has no tactile design or some sort of embossing on it they all feel absolutely the same, specially in the beauty and personal care sector where the packaging of products is very generic.   The 4U Skincare Set aims to tackle this issue, a project that involved a careful study of leading and guiding textures and understanding how product information could be translated via alternative sensory channels for a 4-step skincare routine.

The Foaming Cleanser

Smart Vanity Tray

A tray that has a build in smart weight system which notifies the user when a product is about to run out, and notifies the user through an assistive app wether they would like to add a refill to their shopping list.

Toner + Moisturiser Cream

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