Final Pieces

These are the final pieces of the project. A Waistcoat inspired on the fishmonguers and porters working uniforms entirely made of fish skin leather. A compact tool to work with the fish waste.

Constructing a Garment

These images shows the process of working with fish waste as a textile material. I explore the potential of this waste in the field of fashion and textile design. Scales can be employed as glue, ingredients to bioplastic or beads for embroidery. Fish Skin serves as an sustainable alternative for leather.

Extracting the Raw Material

This represents the beginning of the journey. I collected all the fish waste for my project from local fishmonguers, specially Billingsgate Fish Market. This historical institution inspired me to develop this project. The traditional work methodology of these communities is a reference for me to conduct my process and create the final pieces of the project.

Textilised Traditions

For this project I am exploring the richness of locally-sourced waste. I Investigate its potential in the field of textile and fashion design, through the application of diverse techniques from traditional crafts. While this project is driven by turning waste into a material of value. I was really inspired by the story of the porters at Billingsgate Fish Market - they represent the cultural greatness hidden in the knowledge that is handed down to future generations. My work focuses on the importance of the preservation of communities, their heritage and traditions. They are on the verge of being forgotten in a cotext increasingly globalized society.

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