This forearm prosthetic was for a 35mm film where one of the actors cuts the other's forearm to insert a small object inside the cut. Sculpted in Chavant clay with a tube that connected to a syringe, to once you cut it open the blood would squirt out. Sculpted in chavant clay, molded with Platsil Gel 10 silicone, and encapsulated with Super Baldiez and platsil gel 10 silicone with deadener. Once I poured the silicone I inserted the tube and let it cure. After doing the prosthetic I think it would have looked better if I did a whole wrap around the arm to hide the edges of the prosthetic, especially because in the movie scene the arm was only showed in one position.

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35 mm film, prosthetic is at 1:14

sculpt process

makeup application

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