Constructing script and performance with daily life: How do we draw a line between performance and non-performance? Using this question as a starting point, we developed a few writing workshops to experiment with constructing scripts from our daily conversation, we try numerous ways of documenting our life and create a new language to communicate the intimate personal experience. In the process of making, we question the method of capturing the performance, and how the conversation is influenced by the space. As a result, we portray the repetitive routine in the same living space with chaotic monologues reconstructed from our diary. We recorded ourselves spending most of the time at home carrying out our daily routine with various camera angles. In the film, we talk at the same time, sometimes the monologues match as a conversation but sometimes it doesn’t. I speak in my mother tongue, and so does he. In this project we try to convey that the most important thing is not the story, is the moment of what we feel in the endless routine and experiment with transferring everyday behavior into daily performance. Created by Sharo Liang, Russell Lin

Documentation of Life

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