For the makeup, I went with a contemporary style, nowadays inspired makeup, smooth face with some freckles to look healthy, flushed cheeks for a radiant looking skin, and highlighter everywhere. For the eye a bold blue cat eye eyeliner outlined with black, that inspired me from our color mood board. For the lips, I chose red to bring everything together, Texas wears blue and red that represents the United States flag. The eyebrows appear too blocky and will be toned down with a darker color in the end tail of the brow for the realisation.

Early design stages for Texas.

Final designs of Texas overall look.

Postiche eyebrow, look really bad because they were made using synthetic hair.

Makeup test before realisation. Changed the eyebrows, giving them some shadow at the end to take the blockiness away, and changed the eyeliner color, has it was too purple and not has blue has I wanted it too.

Texas overall look, with fake tattoos on chest. (drawn by me).

Texas outfit.

The difference in the makeup it made a lot more sense.

Group project.

Cabaret 2018

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