Likes, Camera, Augmentation! is an autoethnography film on the effects of Instagram presence on self impression. This film decodes some of the harmful practices that many popular female Instagram accounts participate in and how this can lead to social comparison and self-objectification issues for the viewer. This autoethnography film follows the filmmaker's own experiences of living with an autoimmune condition that affects her physical appearance and how she underwent breast augmentation to regain control of her Instagram presence. Therefore, by having the cosmetic surgery procedure, the filmmaker stopped participating in self-destructive behaviours, such as social comparison and self-objectification. Furthermore, this film attempts to destigmatise cosmetic surgery procedures, as they could be considered a life-changing outlet for people with physical differences.

Throughout my time studying at UAL, I have actively taken inspiration from Hollywood-driven pop culture references at large. Whether that was through a short film that follows a TMZ-Harvey-Levin-inspired narrative or through a film that tackles user body image behaviours related to celebrities and influencers, it has been important to communicate both the highs and the lows of a culture that has never failed to inspire me throughout my life.

Likes, Camera, Augmentation!

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