USC: Ultimate of Scam Colleges is a comedic TMZ-inspired take on the infamous Varsity Blues college admission scandal, which saw successful parents being taken down for illegally partaking in getting their children into the most elite universities across America. The brief for this particular assignment was to create a subvertisement campaign advert for a brand of our choice. I was inspired to make this film because, for decades, the most elite Hollywood celebrities and people within business have been paying substantial amounts of money to fund buildings around campus, with the underlying purpose of getting their children into top tier universities. Therefore, this subvertisement advert had the intention of playfully communicating a different perspective.

Throughout my time studying at UAL, I have actively taken inspiration from Hollywood-driven pop culture references at large. Whether that was through a short film that follows a TMZ-Harvey-Levin-inspired narrative or through a film that tackles user body image behaviours related to celebrities and influencers, it has been important to communicate both the highs and the lows of a culture that has never failed to inspire me throughout my life.


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