As part of my final project at LCF I decided to draw inspiration from the book ‘The Night Circus’, adapting it to be set in the 18th century. Throughout this project, I focused on designing and realising my designs for the three protagonists, Celia, Marco and Tsukiko, to be worn in the context of an immersive performance. I have selected key images of my work throughout this project to include showing the processes I went through and the techniques used.

The Night Circus: Moodboard

When starting a project I usually begin with a moodboard, giving myself a clear aesthetic and colour scheme to refer back to throughout the duration of the project.

The Night Circus: Celia Initial Designs

Celia Bowen is the illusionist in ‘The Night Circus’, here I have illustrated some basic sketches outlining my initial ideas for her costume. When beginning to design I often start with sketches, getting my ideas down on paper, exploring silhouettes and colour schemes. For Celia’s costume I was inspired by all the bird imagery within the book, wanting to represent her character as a caged bird, trapped within the circus.

The Night Circus: Making of Rotating Skirt

The Night Circus: Making of Pannier and Skirts

The Night Circus: Making of the Waistcoat

The Night Circus: Celia's Costume

The Night Circus: Celia Final Images

The Night Circus: Marco's Costume

The Night Circus: Tsukiko's Costume

The Night Circus: Final Line Up

Personal Performance Project - The Night Circus

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