Ngo m suk gong (translated as ‘I don’t know how to say it’ in Cantonese) is a discussion of the multidimensional processes of learning language through the lenses of childhood and adulthood. Fragments of memories from this personal process inform the collection’s dialogue, resulting in a hybridity of playful outerwear silhouettes and alternative yet wearable shirts, t-shirts and trousers staples. 


Initial textile development

Shirts/embroidery experimentation

The final major project is a continuing exploration of oversized, bold shapes inspired by nostalgic cartoon characters, using extreme padding and draping reminiscent of subtraction cutting principles.

Structured drills, stretch wovens and lighter shirting fabrics make up the majority of the collection, layered with jerseys, scubas and wool, upon which embroidery is irreverently doodled in freehand machinery.

Please see below extracts from presentation, design development and technical portfolios. Please contact for full portfolio.

Collage design process

3D draping to inform design process

Fitting notes

Colour board

Fitting notes on padded gilet

Technical Pack sample


Illustrations of final five realised outfits

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