The work pursues the idea of a scientific approach in combination with an artistic part. The series presents experiments that were conducted with fixed parameters. Most of the photographic film material shows visual changes that were provoked by external influences. In an experimental approach, chemical, thermal and other manipulations were carried out, resulting in an overview of test images. The analogue medium format, as well as the motif of the electricity pylon, served as framework conditions for the process. The clearly defined course of the experiments was followed by an unconventional handling of the analogue material. The film and its nature itself moved to the centre of the investigation.

V MF 07 | 15 Awl

V MF 12 | 15 Concrete

V MF 03 | 15 Fire

V MF 04 | 15 Hot Air Gun

V MF 09 | 15 Liquid Nitrogen

V MF 01 | 15 Microwave

V MF 08 | 15 MRT

V MF 11 | 15 Powder Diffractometer

V MF 15 | 15 Natron

V MF 10 | 15 X-rays

V MF 13 | 15 Patination Agent

V MF 14 | 15 Tube Cleaner

V MF 05 | 15 Vacuum, 100°C

V MF 06 | 15 X-rays MUC – TLV – MÚC

V MF 02 | 15 Steam

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