The aim of this project was to highlight both the connection and disconnection we experience within ourselves. The conscious and unconscious parts of our psyche. Are we what we see in the mirror or what our minds think we look like? Where do you draw the line between what’s reality and an illusion. Drawing influence from André Kertész and Salvador Dalí, who both created work with the intentions to provoke, shock and outrage the viewer. Their work challenged societal norms through the use of distortion seen in some of their pieces. My focus was to reflect reality through a human model and illusion through a mannequin. Facing and challenging the societal views on body image and how this has shaped our own perception of ourselves and how we see the world around us.


This first photograph in relation to the theme of body dysmorphia, specifically focuses on the eyes. This is because I wanted to show that what we can clearly observe and notice in front of us can be distorted. Our own perception can be tampered with - not by anything standing in front of us, but by our own mind. I wanted to highlight this internal struggle that many face, and that regardless of what you see in the mirror or in front of you may appear differently to your mind.


The second photograph from my project focuses on duality and body dysmorphia. In this photograph, it is evident that the mannequin and human model have become merged into one being. This distortion has been deliberately done, leaving the viewer to question and try to distinguish where the mannequin and human model become connected and separated. When you look at the image, the face of the mannequin and the human model are blended and merged well together which makes it difficult to tell them apart. The purpose of this distortion is to highlight the internal battle with our identity and perception of who we are. The duality of mankind- the two sides to every being. One being our public identity that we show to everyone and the other being the private identity we keep hidden. Whether both sides clearly appear completely different and divided from one and another as shown with the mannequin and human model. Ultimately, in the end we are still one being on a physical/appearance level.

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