In order to draw people's attention to the climate crisis caused by global warming, I designed a set of posters with ice to warn people about their behavior. I incorporated the visual of a glacier into the typography and wanted to form different sentences or words to warn of the warming caused by certain human actions, so I made 24 letters out of ice. But here I ran into a difficulty in that I was very confused about the use of colour given the many causes of global warming. I stopped working and started seeking advice. My classmates and I reorganised the logic, they gave me advice and then I concluded that my findings were that I hadn't considered what the immediate consequences of melting glaciers would be, so I used blue to create a connection to the ocean, and these blue-tinged ice blocks melting were a metaphor for integration into the ocean and rising sea levels, a warning of disaster. So you can see this set of blue letters I designed, when I took it out of the freezer some of it had already started to melt but I thought it was a good visual effect. Materials I then decided to use thermal pigments to represent plants and animals threatened by global warming, which disappear with the heat, just like ice. Thermal pigments are materials that change their properties through changes in temperature. Gradually I began to find my purpose in terms of composition and narrative structure. However, when working with thermal materials, I found that these pigments were too sticky and not easy to apply. After a few experiments, I solved this problem by trying to use added thinners to spread the pigments better. I then took photographs of the paintings and made posters of them.

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