My project is a board game about the climate crisis. The purpose of creating this board game is to let more people know some knowledge about the climate crisis. Especially children. My grandfather was seriously ill some time ago. When I looked at my frail grandfather and my cousin, who was crying next to me. I have a deeper sense of life. I realized that the climate crisis is not a one-generation solution and children are the hope of the future. We need to teach them the importance of protecting the environment from an early age. So I wanted to create a work that allows people to learn through interaction. Of course, the best form of that is games. Another source of inspiration for me is thermometers. After taking my temperature one day, I realized that human survival has a lot to do with temperature. And the temperature is closely related to climate change. Just like my direct impression of climate change is getting colder and warmer. So I linked temperature to climate change. Think of them as core elements of my game. I was also influenced by another board game, the Illuminati, which inspired me to create the Climate crisis card. In general, I want my work to be more interactive and not just visually striking. I hope people can gain something after playing it.

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