The global climate problem is becoming increasingly serious, and the resulting problems are seriously threatening the environment on which humanity depends. The apparent warming of the climate is gradually bringing various hazards into people's daily lives and causing problems that are shifting from the singular to the diverse, from the known to the unknown. Global warming has already had some irreversible effects and even hazards for the planet, such as melting glaciers, drought in the land leading to food shortages, frequent fires and the emergence of viruses. By using different colours of paint to represent the different crises, red paint is used to represent the heat and fires, yellow and green to represent the food crisis, and a mixture of blue purple and grey to represent viruses. Each colour is frozen into ice cubes and these are then left to melt at room temperature. Watching them melting is like watching global warming erode the glaciers and disrupt the ecological order. When the ice is completely melted, there will be no more ice of any individual colour, all the colours of the water will melt together, and everything will lose its sense of order and become chaotic. The idea is to reflect the crisis that global warming is bringing to the planet, with uncontrollable and irreversible consequences. This is to inspire the public to take action on climate change and to advocate for a rapid public response.

Heat Alert

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