I find that with the development of society, the natural environment in which we live is diminishing. My concept is to show people pictures of what happens if we don't change the way we live now. In life we are always making choices. So, I use the concept of choice to show people what I imagine to be two possibilities for the future of the world. For example, in the work the field dump represents two futures. In the field pictures, windmills and solar energy represent environmental elements and the buildings surrounded by greenery, represent the city of the future. Möbius rings float in the sky, foreshadowing the possibility of experiencing this choice again in the future. On the other side, in the landfill, thermal power plants and factory fumes represent pollution; the city, surrounded by neon lights and walls, represents a high level of development, but needs to be isolated from the outside world. The city surrounded by green trees floating in the sky represents a natural environment available to only a few people. The aim is for people to make serious choices in the future when it comes to making choices that affect the natural environment.



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