With the development of modernization, climate change is becoming a serious problem. The accumulation of the greenhouse effect is causing global warming. I make a collage named Vicious Circle with diverse elements from different pictures. Using plastic bags as materials, I show the process of seawater pollution gradually through experiments. Through the visualization, it contains distinct colours and visual impact to attract people to realize the seriousness of climate change. My concept is the ocean carbonation caused by the climate crisis. Carbon from the air is absorbed by the ocean, causing ocean carbonation. As the marine life chain accumulates, the entire ocean ecosystem will be damaged. Eventually, the ocean becomes a factory of making greenhouse gases, because the corpses of biology could release poisonous gases. The accumulation of a complicated chain of life could create a huge visual shock to us and let us know these impacts could produce a chain reaction. We tend to observe the limited section of nature and ignore some changes behind nature that are crucial to climate change. Thus, this combination of the concept and collage presents the whole relationship between climate change and the biosphere.

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