‘Split’is a collage that would make people really feel the fear of the desertification of the land. the theme of the project was about the phenomenon of desertification of the land under changing weather conditions. Before the outbreak, I took a trip to Xining, in the northwest of China, which has stunning nature, with its rolling mountains and endless grasslands. I could not imagine that one day in the future these beauties might not exist due to extreme weather changes. Therefore,I decided to use computer software to create a torn paper to represent the land we live on and the gradual tearing to symbolize the gradual drying up of the land. Additionally, I used black and white images of natural beauty in what should have been green. Because I think the black and white images are nostalgic and a reminder that if the desertification of the land continues, these views will become a thing of the past. There is no doubt that the abstract approach is both allegorical and makes the viewer think on different levels. Overall, I really feel that this work conveys my hope that the desertification of the land will change for the better.


Effect Picture


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