With the development of industry, people bring great damage to the environment, and the climate change caused by industry has brought disaster to nature and creatures. I feel necessary to create a work of art to warn people of the serious consequences of climate change. At this point, I decide to make subjective processing of objective images were found on the internet which can show the decrease of the nature resources and creatures. I mainly want to highlight the sense of helplessness that the climate crisis has brought. So I turn the pictures reflecting the objective elements into gray to show the doomsday scene. I also draw red graffiti on the collage to connect the images and create top-down visual effects to emphasize that the final result is caused by industry and increase tensions to audience, reflects that the climate problems caused by people will eventually harm human beings. Based on these elements, what I want to achieve is to let people feel through intuitive visual effects that what the climate crisis ultimately brings to creatures is the terrible ending intertwined with gray and red. Make people aware that we have to take the necessary measures immediately.

The red we made

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