In recent years, the number of natural disasters caused by climate change around the world has been rising every year. However, only the epidemic has caused global concern. I think it's ironic that people only care about disasters that have affected their lives. My concept is to recreate the atmosphere of the devastating catastrophe in Pompeii, so that people who come to visit can experience the fear and despair when the catastrophe comes. Thus, evoking a sense of reverence for nature. I combined the theater of Pompeii with a corridor of spiked pipes on the periphery representing the eruption of the volcano. Moreover, for today's social concerns, when people visit a disaster ruin, they are more concerned with the great human civilization than the horror of the disaster. Therefore, I set up spiked spears in the upward seating space of the theater, accompanied by the spikes behind people pointing at them all the time as they walk up the steps step by step. Based on these settings, my aim is to make people aware that no matter how powerful human civilization is, devastating climate disasters will always exist. Humans need to fear nature.





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