I not only combined the other public functions of the city in the bus station, but also brought the power of brutalist architecture and the green color of life to the bus station. In doing so, it will attract more people to use public transport and alleviate the climate crisis.


Building structure

During I think about the mind map, I abstracted my building structure from CRISI

Building function

Compared to the subway station, I would like to compensate for the functional deficiencies of the bus station by adding public toilets, bike stops, and sewage circulation systems...

Building appearance

I want this building to make people look powerful and in my sketch book i have a recorded about brutalism architecture. which are really strength for me because these building surface expose concreate directly. in addition, I hope to add green to the concrete surface. because I think green color symbolizes life and environmental protection. so at the top of the building, I planted plants so that the toilet's sewage recycling system can be used directly


Green bus stops are like seeds of hope planted in the city. Alleviate the climate crisis by directing people to take more public transport

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