A current situation that attracts my attention and inspires me is the contracting habitats of animals. In this context, the aim of my work is to make people alarm for the influence on the global life of climate change, by showing the daily activity that people often do and the suffer of animals in graphic way. The materials of the work including textile, cloth, polluted liquid from melted ice, newspaper, and kraft paper. I think these real materials can show the ongoing results like glaciers melting, habitats deterioration, and rising sea level in vivid way, express the urgency of stabilizing the results of climate change. These elements can also symbolize beings, like people, penguins, polo bears, and trees. After my arrangement and waving in a picture, these elements can reflect and implicate the relation between life and ongoing events of climate change, so that appeal individuals to stabilize the climate change by ways they can do. For example, cease cutting trees, protecting habitats and forests, reduce going out by car and growing plants. In these occasions, I decide to name it “where is my home”, to evoke people’s reflection, express necessity and rationality to do what they can to limit the climate change. While after considering, I choose to finish it by photoshop on computer, and I would use filters and textures in many layers to reach the feeling of real, because it is more convenient to share and present to others than an object. I wish this collage work can tell public the truth in a graphic way, and people can response to it by very simple and normal ways but just right awareness. Additionally, they are protecting themselves while doing so.

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