Nowadays, there is an increasingly pervade trend that the climate crisis is getting worse. After learning about the climate crisis, I felt compelled to make the public aware that changing their environmentally unfriendly lifestyles is essential. Considering that I am a student majoring in interior design, I choice use a space to solve this idea. My artwork is a public art named back to nature, using the computer. This is an outdoor public space located in one of the busiest commercial areas in Chongqing, China, and it draws on the traditional Chinese mortise and tenon structure. Considering that there are sufficient sunlight and rainwater in Chongqing, the top of the space used solar panels and many grooves, providing electricity and diverting rainwater to underground storage. In addition, I used an eco-friendly material, bamboo, to absorb heat, which is a traditional Chinese building material and is soil degradable and overgrows. Furthermore, I designed an interactive installation that was divided into two parts: the bin and the fountain. When people throw non-biodegradable products such as plastic bottles and bags into the bin, they will trigger the mechanism. At that point, the fountain sprays rainwater from the water-storage tank into the centre of the interior space, like a waterfall. Therefore, the whole space is very eco-friendly and energy-efficient. This provides an opportunity to remind people living in the city to live a green lifestyle. Perhaps it can be cool without air conditioning; perhaps the plastic has other functions.

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