In my opinion, the climate crisis already seems to be an irreversible trend and how to live with disaster seems to become more and more important in the future. My final work is a poster for a new project developed by the future real estate company ARK, which shows part of possible social situation in the future that I envisaged, based on the climate crisis. Actually, the beautiful scene presented on the poster is happening under the protective shield established by ARK. The climate crisis has led to various disasters that have made the environment on earth unsuitable for people to live and develop. For this reason, everyone is committed to creating a comfortable artificial living space, and the ARK project is one of them. This is a high-end housing project in which people can even cultivate plants. Because the resources supplied for human survival are rather limited, sharing precious resources for plant cultivation is a luxury at that time. And the community provides Robot servants that don't consume resources. In the logo design, the black part indicates the bad environment outside, then the gradient grey represents a protective shield, the blue part is the good life surrounded by a protective shell, and the light beam is a feeling that gives people hope.

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