At this stage, electronic waste has become a big factor affecting the climate. We can't ignore the impact of the climate crisis caused by e-waste on human health. China, my hometown, has been the biggest country generating electronic waste since 2016. At the same time, in Guiyu Town, Guangzhou, many children suffer from blood diseases caused by e-waste, so I decided to send a warning signal to the audience. I abstracted the climate problems caused by e-waste, such as acid rain, soil erosion, and polluted air, and then created a desolate scene. Trees have always been a symbolic object in climate and ecology, because its growth factors depend on many elements in the climate, such as rain, temperature, and soil. So I use an aluminum tree to symbolize the terrible growth rate of e-waste, and an embryo to symbolize the fate of human beings and climate. The tree have been cultivated by acid rain and e-waste " thriving " in a disastrous environment. Finally, the tree "thrived" and pierced through the embryo. This is a warning to human-being that our irresponsibility for the climate will damage ourselves, so as to appeal to people recycling e-waste and reduce the negative impact on the climate.

Thrive - 3D model by Xuanliyang [cadaa7a] - Sketchfab

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