When we mention the climate crisis, all words ultimately point to the common destiny of mankind in the future, which is the final end. We all know the earth will last forever, but can human beings survive in the harsh environment? I think we are just too busy to fear our final destiny to ignore the devastation in front of us. Most of us talk about the climate crisis a lot, but few people really recognize it. I used familiar elements to piece together these three tarot cards: the three of swords, the three of wands, the eight of cups, and I use them to present to you this true and illusory prophecy of the end times.


With referenced to card named the three of swords. Means we are heading towards the destiny of being submerged by the ocean. But people who are aware of the climate crisis are still in the minority.

Forest Fire

The red flames and the gray disaster pictures after the fire in the background form a great contrast, and the gray-green plant pattern on the cloth of human and the bright red flame in the background form another set of contrast, the pattern while also echoing the small false green leaves which mean hope in the background.

The Great Flood

World’s civilization are drowning in the sea. We better hope we are good swimmers cause all of us are going to die at that moment.

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