With the development of modern society, the environmental problems brought about by rapid development have become more and more serious, thus causing many climate crises such as sea level rise and air pollution. I was inspired by a book I read - The Invisible City, which describes a city of trash. The city is always the most fashionable, and the fashion in the city contrasts with the rubbish outside the city.And the city's affluence is measured by the number of items discarded daily. I continued to imagine the story as the sea level continued to rise in the city and the rubbish removal became a religious act, with the cleaners becoming the city's congregation, with the daily aim of creating the newest and cleanest city. And the newer the city becomes each day, the older it actually becomes inside. Yesterday's waste is piled up on top of the waste of a much older past. The higher the pile of rubbish, the greater the risk of collapse, and maybe one day a bottle of wine will bring down a mountain of rubbish and flood the city. The work reflects on the crisis that infinitely expanding cities pose to the climate.

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