“Dandelion Plan” is a green way to get around in the future, which means less energy waste and less greenhouse gas emission. Its form was derived from dandelions. Apart from the similarity in their forms, like dandelions’ sending seeds by winds, I want my design can bring humans hope as today’s climate crisis has almost reached a tipping point. The key point of this design is its modular design. The interior space of a vehicle was separated into several capsules and the battery pack was divided into smaller ones installed in each capsule. This vehicle carries a maximum of six capsules and it can adjust the number of capsules and batteries according to passengers. For example, if there are only three passengers, the same number of capsules and batteries will be carried. This means there won’t be any invalid load causing a waste of energy. Moreover, in the parking area, people can sit in capsules and wait for the arrival of Dandelion Vehicles. And batteries of capsules are allowed to be charged in this area when they are not in use, which helps with the problem of slow charging of electric vehicles as well.

Inspiration of Form


Usage Scenario

1562 × 700px

Loading & Unloading

1562 × 700px

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