Marine Humans is the concept of this project and it shows several ideas of accessories that might help people live in the ocean. The theme inspired by the contemporary climate crisis. Humans damage to the natural world for hundreds of years, climate issues cannot be solved by a single device or a few people’s efforts.Therefore compare with struggling in solving the climate issue,thinking about the future of the earth and humanity seems more realistic. This project was created under four questions which were:what might happen to the earth? What does the environment looks like in the future? Can human survive if the ice age happened? What kind of accessories might help them? The sketch shows what the final outcome might look like which could use fabric to dye the colours which corresponding to the reefs or corals,and add some mirrors on the surface as to help people become invisible. When marine humans go to a new place, they don't need to worry about whether the environment around them changed, because they can adopt it.






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