In the world, each iceberg that is the vital element in the process of natural recycle represents various natural resources. Therefore,the melting of the iceberg means the extinction of human.In this project, we hung a balloon wrapped in ice, waited for the ice inside to melt and turned into water, and finally blasted the balloon to let the water splash and fall on the ground. The melting process of the ice in this balloon is like the rapid melting of polar glaciers. People watch the iceberg melt step by step, but there is no way to stop this tragedy from happening that it is full of sadness, but it shouldn't be that way. In fact, the ice in the balloon should have been in other places. For example,it should be in the refrigerator, or on the top of the mountain, or on the ice cap in the polar regions, but it was wrapped by people for various purposes, or perhaps just for viewing. People ask for the resources from polar region, just like killing animals indiscriminately. When the ice melts, it is like the worthless bones from dead animals, abandoned by people, just like the people blasted the balloon. When the balloon bursts, the water sprinkled on the ground will gradually evaporate, and it will never return to its original appearance, just like people can not receive these resources any more. Therefore, the people sighing about the disappearance of the ice just like the damp gradually evaporating on the ground, slowly drying up, slowly losing everything and losing themselves.

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