The work is inspired by the deterioration of the environment caused by the climate crisis,resulting in a large number of animals becoming homeless and even on the verge of extinction.Through this work,I want to appeal to everyone to pay attention to the climate crisis and product our living environment.Pay attention to the development of animals.

Element extraction

I found that a large number of environment and animals have changed due to the climate crisis in recent years. So I did a human platform experiment to imitate the gradual emaciation of the polar bear due to the bad environment, and then extracted the style of clothes to get a lot of relevant cloth shape.

Final work

I selected one from the renderings for detailed analysis and production. I made two quick fabric samples according to the effect drawing. One is to use acrylic pigment to draw early pattern elements on leather. Another fabric sample, I used printing, and then sewed lines to express the bad environment and the rise of temperature. I also made temperature controlled fabric experiments. In addition, the schematic diagram of one garment wearing more than one garment is drawn. A variety of wearing forms of a garment meet the needs of different people.

design work

I drew a series of design sketches according to the previous research. In the process of designing clothing, the concept of wearing more than one garment is cited in the functionality of clothing, which can meet the dressing needs of different people. Clothing expresses the current situation of the climate crisis leading to the endangered animals. The patterns and colors on clothes represent the current human environment. The design of the dividing line expresses the harm brought by the climate crisis to varying degrees.

Element extraction2

I extracted and drew the pattern elements to show them in the form of printing. Outline the melting and splitting of glaciers, and then color them. At the same time, I use the abstract method to express the environmental pattern. Because it is the severity of the climate crisis, I use the orange system to represent the current situation and the warming of the climate. This is a conceptual and innovative fashion design work, and through this work, more people pay attention to the severity of the climate crisis.


I brainstormed and came up with a lot of ideas about the climate crisis. Finally, I focused on the direction of climate crisis causing animals to be endangered and protecting the environment by reducing clothing waste.

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