The design is inspired by the BBC's nature documentary "state of the planet". The greenhouse effect, global warming, species extinction, melting of glaciers, rising sea levels, forest fires, and floods, these words have begun to appear frequently in the mass media in recent years. Nature is constantly giving people various warnings. I used 3D software to make a simple human body model. The overall sculpture I envision is made of transparent green glass. The reason for choosing glass is that it looks very clean when it is transparent. Another point is that the glass looks hard, but it is easy to break. I use the female body to express the earth, as the mother who gave birth to the human. I chose green, which represents life, to make her skin color more prominent, and to show her uniqueness and difference from human beings. The flame is made of red and blue tulle and hung above the sculpture. If there is wind, it can flutter with the wind, just like a real flame. The flame on the woman's body indicates the disaster brought about by extreme weather, and the earth is suffering damage. The background uses blue and purple, and reduces the saturation and brightness, trying to express a depressed atmosphere under disaster. I hope that through art, more people can pay attention to the current crisis of the earth, trigger people's thinking, and start actions to protect the earth.


Visual concept


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