In recent years, the climate crisis has brought about the melting of glaciers and the rise of sea level, affecting the safety of human life, so I want to make some collages to draw people's attention to this phenomenon. They got me thinking, if I represented sea level rise in a radical and intuitive way, how would people live? Therefore, I decided to make 4 collages. I injected surrealism into it, broke the grip of reason, and be whimsical. I want to present a feeling that seemed pleasing, but the fine details do not conform to normal rational thought. For example, it is impossible for people to live when the water level is 25m, but the people in the picture are still leisurely walking and shopping on the street. I want to use this ridiculous and interesting result to show that we can't really adapt to living with rising sea levels unless we change the status quo. If I do it again, I will boldly add AR technology, using its augmented reality function, so that people have a more real experience.

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