I wanted to raise awareness about the protection of environmental resources and animal conservation, and to reflect on the consequences of human consumption of the earth's resources and the occupation of animal habitats. So, I have created a collage poster combined with illustrations. This artwork are made by collage, illustration, text and mono-printing. Starting with the collage, the huge human face consists of a polluted city and the polar bear below the work consists of a clean and bright city. A position that suggests that if we don't protect the environment then the darkness will swallow up the light. so, that’s why i called this project as swallow. I decided to make the illustration in the shape of an animal, which is another huge victim group apart from the human home environment. I researched many endangered animals on wwf and sketched them, like polar bear,elephant and gorilla, among them the polar bears whose homes are most damaged due to global warming caused by the climate crisis. This animal race is probably one of the most affected by the climate crisis. So I chose to make a collage of urban puzzles to represent the polar bear.

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