I am a Fine Arts student from Chelsea College. Over the years of my creation experience in fine art, I have always been fascinated by the combination and use of various materials. So in the climate crisis project, I made a mixed media painting called How Deep the Future. I express the new world brought about by the climate crisis through the cracks of desertification. I chose to develop this idea because I want to explore the relationship between humans, nature, and time. I try to incorporate the concept of reincarnation into the work. In this work, I reused lots of discarded materials from nature, such as dried plants, to connect the theme and the concept of reincarnation. When these discarded objects are recombined, they seem to become a new object. I want to convey a message that takes people out of the fear of the climate crisis and makes them think about what attitude we will use when the end of the day comes.

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