During the period when I was developing my idea, a severe flood rocked in Henan Province where is in the centre of my country, causing many deaths and injuries. I was shocked, puzzled and hurt after hearing the news, so I kept researching online to find out the main cause, which turned out to have been global warming. Deeply affected by the urgency of climate crisis, I was forced to consider the measures that can be applied to our daily life. Nevertheless, I felt that it was still a task for citizens like me to understand how to deal with the issues and act. Therefore I decided to organize an activity whose aim was to raise people's awareness and and make the sustainable process more likely. I used Procreate to illustrate the Recycling House, which is a public facility that lets almost everyone engage with the sustainable development without difficulty. A logo has also been designed, inspired by the shape of the house and the recycling sign. If I could develop my modeling skills, I would create more detailed work and make it look more professional using Nomad, Blender or some other modeling software in the future.

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