‘I nailed them to the board, I wound them with a thread, I cut them off, I watched them get worse and worse. I like to use metaphors. These nails are like the different life forms on earth, and this line is the connection between life forms, and the global climate crisis is like a pair of scissors.Don't make simple things complicated,I'm hoping that my works can clearly show the topic.In the world, nature, and society, no one can escape contact with them and affect the whole body. Even small actions will have countless impacts. Temporary damage will produce permanent changes. The scars that we ignore and forget will be slowly exposed on the beach in the waves of time. This world is connected by a thread, and they contain each other and influence each other.We always think a lot and do a little, we always talk a lot and do nothing; we do not do enough.We need to take the environment seriously, take nature seriously, in other words, protect nature, is to protect ourselves.No snowflake is innocent when an avalanche comes. This work reflects my thoughts on nature and humanity.At the same time, I want to make a significant difference through making small actions, even if they are tiny. Philosophically, we can be differing levels of the world as long as we move.’

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Nail Thread Board

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