We have been taught since we were young to protect the environment and live a low-carbon life, but in fact, few people really do this. Because carbon emissions are closely related to our quality of life. Reducing carbon emissions will mean a decline in the quality of our lives. We know to protect the environment and know how to do it, but we will not do it. This is very contradictory. Perhaps environmental protection and social development are inherently contradictory. This device was born out of this idea. I created a sculpture of a human figure. He opened his mouth and said that he wanted to protect the environment, but what he said stayed on the surface like words on the base. The candle on his head represents extreme climate and environmental changes. The candle is getting shorter and shorter, and the wax is flowing down. Although it has affected himself, he still closes his eyes and chooses to ignore it. This person does not represent one, but the majority. I hope to use this work to reinforce the contradiction and arouse people's reflection. Don't wait for the candle to burn on us to regret it.

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