Climate change is melting ice sheets that have been frozen for thousands of years, and as the permafrost melts, they are releasing ancient viruses and bacteria. These viruses will eventually have a huge impact on humans. If we don't pay attention to the climate, we will eventually be responsible for our own actions. I want to evoke the fear by depicting wounds that have been infected by bacteria and viruses. From there it' s a warning: "The climate crisis is relevant to all people." I expand my visual language by using various materials. All of these materials are mostly abandoned or environmentally friendly materials, such as old newspapers, plastic film from courier scraps, discarded fabrics, etc. I think that as an environmentally themed work, no more resources should be wasted to complete it. In addition, I not only conducted material experiments but also color experiments. In this work, I enjoyed the process of using 3D models to explore the field of illustration. But it also made me realize my lack of knowledge about the use of materials. This work also helped me to understand the impact of climate change on people. It also aroused my awareness of the climate crisis.

Reflective Journal


Collage experiment

The first scar

The second scar

The first scar

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