This illustration is called "He, She, It". Its theme of sex imbalance expresses that temperature will replace genes as the new master of biological fate. This work brings species together to form a community of common destiny through global warming and warns humanity to change. In the background is an ancient Chinese totem. As someone who grew up in Eastern culture, I have always held the Chinese ideology "Yin Yang" view of environmental issues´╝Ü things in the world are balanced and interconnected, and what happens to animals will happen to us. In terms of texture selection, there are two different textures: oil painting and Mosaic. The rapid development of science and technology in human society has brought convenience to life and brought natural disasters, mosaics exemplify this as a modern image processing method that can also blur the faces and genders of humans and animals in photographs and eliminate differences between species. Although oil painting is not a product of Oriental art, it also belongs to classical art. Using western painting techniques to depict the shape of the Eastern classical BAGUA array is a hybridization of Eastern and Western cultures, and it is also the idea of "the world is one".

Virtual Exhibition Rendering


The final Illustration


Collages about "SEX IMBALANCE"


Inspiration Collage and Painting

Elements and Texture

Details bout the Artwork

Derived Fabric Printing Design

Draft drawing

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