The work itself is the world after the severe global warming in the illusion, and I hope to use the whole creation to reflect on our world climate problem. That's why I named it "After 1 Degree". I envision a future in which the world has a severe climate problem. Governments would quantify the climate impact of consumer products and then correlate the severity of the climate impact of consumer products and the price of their purchase. So ultimately, the climate issue is directly linked to the benefits to people. Indirectly, this will influence people's purchasing behavior and reduce the impact of consumer products on climate issues. So I will mainly present my design in the product label, where the user scans the QR code, and the app collects points for the product's carbon emissions. This credit ultimately affects the user's discount on their daily consumption. This process uses the app and graphic design. Then the AR design is mainly aimed at enhancing the design expression.


My thinking

UI design

label design

AR design

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