My project is a set of illustrations about the climate crisis. When I first faced this topic, I found it difficult to describe. In short, the consequences of the climate crisis are tangible, whereas the process is invisible. The effects of climate change are always too subtle to be immediately perceived. People think they can still live a normal life. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about. Using this as a source of inspiration, I visualized the process of climate change and its negative impacts to remind people that this is a pressing global issue today. This series is a kind of the end of the world fantasy, in which the sins and fears of mankind are all present at the same time. There are bigger insects, weird twilight, Burning Earth. The best part, I think, is that the fusion of colours worked well because there was a visual conflict between red, green, and blue, which reflected the urgency of the climate crisis visually. But because I put a lot of my emotions into the picture, it might be a little abstract. I'm not sure all the audience will get it. But I wanted them to be both psychedelic and unsettling.

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