Plateau Ambustion is a 2D artwork, which including mood board, inspiration, development and sketch. This artwork produced by Photoshop. I want to explore how humans survive facing climate change in the future through fashion design. When glaciers melted, low-lying areas were flooded, and it will destroy most of our homeland. People will rush into the higher elevations to continue their landlocked lifestyle. After the melting of glaciers, the originally strong solar radiation in the plateau region will intensified. It will do harm to our skin. As a fashion designer I have responsibility to create a series of garments warning people to realize how will be like in the future. In the project, I set my sights on the Tibet Plateau, as the roof of the world, which will be the sanctuary of human. Therefore, I will start the design from the following three points: 1. It mainly shows the burning of skin by strong sun rays in the plateau area; 2. Extract some Tibetan costume elements into the design; 3. Refer to the partial design of sun-protective clothing to minimize the sun's damage to the skin.

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