Recently, torrential rain caused flooding in my hometown, the increase of natural disasters has made me feel the crisis deeply. What I described is the future life of a polar bear. In this project, I originally planned to draw a series of illustrations. This series of illustrations includes at least three paintings, but due to time constraints, I ended up drawing only two complete paintings. In the past two or three years, my paintings are basically hand-painted. I usually use watercolor and color pencil to paint my works, but because I am gradually trying to draw with digital products, I used procreate to express this series of illustrations. Most of the time, digital products give me a new idea, such as how to express this set of illustrations. The mechanism of digital painting is quite different from hand painted. I do not add any deliberate mechanism when using digital painting, so I have drawn in a very flat way. It seems that there is no space, but it happens in space. This way of expression makes this painting more imaginative.

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